09 Jobs That Allow You To Travel

Not everyone enjoys spending eight hours a day in front of a computer screen. Some people wish to earn a living out of their love of travel.

If you’re always thinking about your next trip, you might want to look for a job that complements your lifestyle. You may get compensated while traveling the world rather than using up all of your PTO and hard-earned money going on vacation just once or twice a year.

Jobs that let you travel are not limited to remote or work-from-home positions. You can also make a living by choosing a job that includes travel as one of its responsibilities. Business people frequently have to travel in order to meet with potential and current clients, attend conferences, or conclude deals. In reality, according to the same survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018 about half of management or professional workers did some work from home. None of these choices seem alluring to you? Other career options include jobs that allow you to travel while working, such as babysitting, housesitting, or travel writing.

1. Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant is one of the ideal careers for people who like to travel. Before being permitted to fly lengthier trips to places like Japan, Canada, and Southeast Asia, most flight attendants begin their careers in the United States. While earning a wonderful wage and receiving good benefits, you’ll travel to many destinations on beautiful aircraft.

Airlines have varied requirements for flight attendants, but most expect you to be capable of reaching the overhead bins and staying on your feet for long stretches of time. For prospective flight attendants, additional experience working as a waitress or in a customer-facing capacity is beneficial.

2. Cruise ship employee

On such huge cruise ships, there are lots of employees working to keep the passengers happy. More and more people are choosing to travel by cruise. The range of professional options is practically infinite. Customer service representatives, bartenders, waiters, chefs, gym trainers and personal trainers, medical personnel, cleaners, entertainers, surfers, tour guides, activity organisers, and of course the ship’s captain are all included.

The benefits include travelling the world and making brief stops along the way. Even though the hours can be long, many say it’s always enjoyable.

3. Travel Agent

As more people began using the internet to book their own flights and holiday packages, the travel agency industry saw a long period of decline. But because to its reputation and skill, the travel sector has recently made a resurgence.

It might be challenging to distinguish between the perspectives of frequent travellers and first-time visitors on the numerous travel websites that give customer feedback and reviews. Travel agents, on either hand, are authorities in their field and can quickly determine whether a particular hotel or location would suit a client’s interests.

4. Worldwide tour guide

Popular tourist sites everywhere are always in need of amiable, knowledgeable tour guides to conduct visitors through city attractions and cultural excursions. You can set up shop in Australia and travel with groups to various nations, or you can travel to the nation of your choice, get to know the area, and then offer your services through local travel companies.

More than just local history knowledge may be required; some tour guides also act as travel coordinators, booking everything from flights to hotels to transportation to recommended tourist attractions and dining options.

5. Agent for Customer Service

The number of businesses digitising their customer service operations has led to a rapid increase in work-from-home opportunities in this industry. Customer service representatives make sure that consumers receive high-quality service and take care of any problems they may have.

As the first person that unhappy or irritated clients would speak to, you must be amiable and composed to be qualified for these positions. You must be able to lead clients through a dispute settlement process. Fast typing, quick Internet speeds, keen listening abilities, and a composed demeanour are necessary for success as a work-from-home customer support agent.

6. Department of foreign affairs and trade

If you want to mix politics and tourism, this is the best option. Although I am aware that this is not a simple task, it is a fantastic end result if you are just starting out in your business.

There are a number of posts available at Australian embassies, high commissions, or consulates abroad, despite the fact that being a diplomat may appear unattainable. The government website is where you submit your application, and they offer lots of training. Most persons who work in this industry move from one country to another rather than doing just one posting.

Therefore, there are numerous chances to travel. Being dependable, efficient, and discrete is crucial in this situation.

7. International Aid Worker

Consider joining the Peace Corps or working as an aid worker for a global organisation like the Red Cross or USAID if you want to make a difference while you travel.

These jobs need you to go to nations throughout the world that are in desperate need of aid during wars, famines, and in the wake of natural disasters. Many of these companies will pay you in full, provide accommodation, and defer your college loans, and the experience will look impressive on your resume.

Working with international aid organisations benefits from experience in the fields of health, social services, agriculture, and international relations. Before you are permitted to go to specific locations, you could also be needed to go through medical tests or have particular vaccinations and immunizations.

8. Foreign Service Officer

As a Foreign Service officer, you can combine your two loves for travel and serving your country into one fulfilling career. Similar to diplomats, these people travel the world to advance American interests while working on difficult topics including immigration, refugee flows, and relief efforts. Many staff work closely with foreign administrations and frequently relocate to new locations.

You need to pass the Foreign Service Officer Test and choose a departmental career track in order to be eligible for these positions.

9. English Teacher

Teachers of ESL (English as a second language) are in high demand abroad. You may teach English as a second language (ESL) while also getting a taste of the local culture if you work as an ESL teacher abroad.

You should be prepared to provide your credentials, and a background check is likely. Sometimes you only need the very minimum, while other situations call for fluency in both languages. However, the locations you can visit are only constrained by the languages you know.

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