Best Online Proofreading Jobs That Pay Good {$15- $25/hour}

If you have a strong command of the English language, like reading, and are looking for a stay-at-home career, an online proofreading job may seem like an appealing alternative. The situation is perfect for many people.

The employment is flexible, requires little financial outlay, and doesn’t necessarily call for certain qualifications. You may proofread your work online anytime and wherever you choose.

Working remotely from your computer might be a terrific alternative whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or lead a nomadic digital existence. Since most online proofreading businesses don’t have defined hours and instead focus on projects and deadlines, it’s simple to fit the work into your schedule.

More fresh material is being produced daily as the internet keeps growing. There has never been a better moment to become a proofreader since all of this stuff has to be proofread. However, starting anything new might be intimidating. Where can one obtain employment? Is it a contest? How much money is proofreading worth?

These issues and more are addressed in our guide to online proofreading employment.

How Does Proofreading Work?

Let’s establish what proofreading is and isn’t before we continue.

After the initial copy has been prepared and reviewed by an editor, the final step in the editing process is proofreading. Before a piece of work is published, proofreaders come last.

Editing Versus Proofreading

Grammar and spelling errors are the main concern of proofreaders. They don’t make significant adjustments, such as rephrasing phrases or reorganizing whole sections; editors are responsible for doing this.

When looking for online proofreading opportunities, you’ll notice that job listings for editors and proofreaders often overlap. It’s critical to understand the variations.

Websites That Provide Online Proofreading Jobs

A vast range of content is covered by proofreaders. The typical suspects are those that have previously been mentioned, such as eBooks and online material, but it doesn’t stop there. White papers, student theses, user manuals, and even menus need to be proofread in addition to these less obvious publications.


Fiverr is a well-liked alternative that has the benefit of letting you get started right away. Because of this, it’s a great area to experiment and find out what kinds of tasks you enjoy working on.

Fiverr began as a website where you could hire anyone to do anything for $5, but it soon developed into one of the top marketplaces for both hiring businesses and freelancers. Exploring it is undoubtedly worthwhile.

It’s also simple to finish a few projects and utilize the positive feedback from your satisfied customers as references for other aspects of your proofreading business.


FlexJobs is solely focused on providing remote employment options. You may work from home or any other location in the world for both part-time and full-time positions.


Using third-party websites made for freelancers might be an excellent choice if you don’t feel ready to pitch directly to businesses.

Using these websites has the advantage that you don’t have to worry about getting conned or chasing down payment because the website takes care of everything for you. The cost is that a portion of the profit will be withdrawn.

These websites all provide jobs, but Upwork is the biggest and most well-known. It can be an excellent place to start, some people adore it and others despise it.


LinkedIn is a trustworthy resource for finding respectable work. To guarantee that your search is limited to online proofreading jobs, enter “remote” into the location field.

Additionally, you can set up alerts to receive daily email notifications of new positions that fit your search criteria. Just keep in mind to generate numerous alerts with all the necessary keywords.


You have definitely used Indeed before, but not everyone is aware of how many remote jobs are available online.

Because Indeed is one of the most well-known employment websites in the world and because it’s so easy to use, there can be a lot of competition, but for the same reasons, you can’t afford to ignore it.


Another excellent choice is, which functions very similarly to Indeed. You’ll remain busy by consistently applying for relevant jobs listed on this trio of sites: Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn.

Success should ultimately come your way.

Online Job Boards for Proofreading

The last course of action is to search internet job boards and websites designed particularly for proofreading positions. These are a few significant online employment sites that frequently provide positions pertinent to proofreading:

JournalismJobs- The greatest website for “media employment,” including proofreading, is JournalismJobs
ProBlogger – primarily for writing tasks, but also occasionally for proofreading
BloggingPro– It is a service for authors that also offers proofreading.
MediaBistro– Proofreading is one of the many media jobs available on MediaBistro.

How to Get Into a Job of Proofreading

It should go without saying that proofreaders must possess great grammar and spelling abilities.

Even if you may have a great command of the English language and unmatched attention to detail, unless you can support your abilities with experience or credentials, it is doubtful that you will be able to land a top-paying job.

Is a Degree Required to Work as a Proofreader?

Although not required, having a degree in journalism or English is unquestionably advantageous. Companies will anticipate a more traditional applicant, which is especially true for someone wishing to become a remote employee rather than a freelancer.

There’s no need to be alarmed if you lack a degree in the necessary field or none at all. Jobs that need no formal education usually place a greater emphasis on experience and recommendations than on formal education.

What Do Online Proofreaders Get Paid For Per Hour?

Online proofreading tasks are typically not compensated per hour. While freelance proofreaders are more likely to be compensated by the project, pages, or even words, remote workers will get a regular salary.

Having said that, the average wage is $54,956, according to The actual value is influenced by several variables. You may enter your city and number of years of experience on to get a more precise estimate.

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