Best Summer Jobs for Teachers Online

If you’re a teacher looking to supplement your income this summer, all you might need is a laptop and a strong internet connection. Discover some of the top teaching summer jobs online by continuing to read.

One of these professions may potentially become a year-round side business for you.

1. Teaching online courses using Teachable or Udemy

Two reliable, legitimate websites that pay subject-matter experts to offer online video courses are Teachable and Udemy. You may instruct students in anything, including computing, belly dance, other languages, and painting techniques. Additionally, you may make money from the sales of your workshops and courses at any time of the year since you can provide prerecorded sessions.

2. Work with Varsity Tutors as a camp counselor

A virtual summer camp run by Varsity Tutors teaches young people valuable skills like computing and engineering. Teachers who work full-time might earn additional income by serving as instructors and counselors. If you possess expertise in in-demand fields like science, technology, engineering, and math, you will be in great demand (STEM).

3. Use VIPKid to teach English online.

Chinese students who desire to study English as a second language might use the online program VIPKid (ESL). You presumably already fulfill the platform’s prerequisites of a bachelor’s degree and 2 years of teaching experience as you are currently a teacher through your local district.

VIPKid allows for flexible scheduling and gives teachers a curriculum so they may concentrate on teaching rather than creating lesson plans. However, if lesson plans are more your style, look at the upcoming online position.

4. Sell lessons plans on Teachers Pay Teachers

A cutting-edge online site called Teachers Pay Teachers allows users to share unique content including notes, lesson plans, and even classroom décor.

One of the hardest and most time-consuming jobs that instructors must complete is lesson planning. A recent study found that lesson planning takes instructors an average of twelve hours per week, with content research taking an additional seven hours.

Consider selling any excellent lesson ideas you may have to lie around for classrooms in elementary, middle, or high school.

5. Conduct online summer courses

Since the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, many school districts now offer summer coursework online instead of or in addition to traditional classes. Check with your local school systems to see whether they offer online summer school if you’re searching for virtual summer employment.

The good thing about summer school is that it often has a laid-back vibe. For instance, courses could only last for a half day. So you might be able to be paid and arrive at the beach by three o’clock.

6. Use The Princeton Review to teach exam preparation

The Princeton Review provides test prep instructors with flexible scheduling options and educational possibilities. The summer is a popular time for students to study for the SAT and ACT. So, for instructors, the summer exam preparation period is a terrific chance.

If you’re interested in this notion, networking on social media and speaking with local parents might possibly lead to tutoring chances.

7. Use Fiverr to look for virtual assistant jobs.

A wonderful place to find virtual assistant jobs is Fiverr. You will handle office duties including making phone calls, managing data entry, or preparing papers for busy professionals as a virtual assistant. The best part is that you’ll be able to work comfortably from home (or at the kitchen table).

8. Use Upwork to find freelance employment

One of the top freelancing marketplaces, Upwork, offers a variety of flexible tasks. Graphic designers and writers with talent might think about finding freelance jobs on Upwork. Along with earning some money, you’ll assist businesses in writing engaging content for their websites and sales collateral.

9. Use Scribie to transcribe

An organization called Scribie employs freelancers to listen to audio and write written text.

You’re probably a terrific listener because you’re a teacher. You converse with children all year long, after all. If that describes you, you may utilize your talent to earn money while working from home by transcribing audio.

10. Use e-Cyrano to create dating profiles

Customizing dating profiles, enlivening personal advertisements, and assisting individuals in forming deep relationships are all services offered by e-Cyrano. The season of hot passion is summer, and you may play matchmaker by creating captivating profiles.

11. Oversee small business social media accounts

It’s no secret that small businesses frequently find it difficult to handle social media. Why not take advantage of this to make some money?

Examine several neighborhood businesses’ social media profiles by taking a peek at them. Find postings that have little to no engagement, then gather them into a report. After that, speak with the companies in person (or through Zoom) about your report.

12. Proofread

Do you love grammar? Proofreaders are crucial in assisting businesses in making sure the content they publish is free of grammatical mistakes and consistent with company messaging and policy.

Finding temporary or even full-time work for proofreading on FlexJobs is highly recommended. Additionally, every opportunity offered on the website is far away.

In order to transform your passion for words into a lucrative side business that you can engage in all year long, we also advise using the courses and training materials at Proofread Anywhere.

13. Use WordPress to blog

WordPress offers premium, cost-free blog layouts. WordPress may be made profitable utilizing Google AdSense and affiliate links that lead to certain items.

Consider the subjects you instruct. You devote 40 to 50 hours a week to imparting your knowledge to pupils. You are a subject matter expert with a wealth of knowledge to impart. This implies that if you use your expertise in a novel way, you may make a fantastic blogger.

14. Market products on Etsy

Etsy is a well-known online store where people may sell their crafts and artwork. Why not visit your neighborhood craft store, stock up on paints, canvases, ink, and yarn, and then sell homemade goods on Etsy if you have an artistic bent?

Consider that you craft unique photo frames, paperweights, and refrigerator magnets. Determine a fair hourly rate, account for taxes, then add the cost of goods to arrive at pricing.


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