Top Transcription Jobs That You Must Give A Try

There are many transcribing jobs available if you have a computer and can type well. Working from home or any other location where you can leave your laptop is possible if you want to transcribe audio. You may use transcription as a side job to get some extra cash or even as a full-time job.

Online, there are countless options to transcribe. So how can you locate the trustworthy ones that actually pay money?

We’ll show you the best methods to start working as a professional transcriptionist right now in our guide to the greatest transcribing jobs. Alternatively, if you’re a seasoned transcriber, you could discover your next customer on our list.

The Top Transcription Positions for 2022

The top transcribing jobs available right now are listed below.

1. Rev

  • Pay: $0.30 to $1.10 for each audio minute
  • Average Monthly Income: $245
  • Payment Schedule: Weekly using PayPal
  • Qualifications: Previous experience is not necessary

Over 100,000 clients worldwide have used the services of the transcribing business Rev. And an army of almost 60,000 independent transcriptionists handle all of the transcribing jobs.

Once you sign up to be a “Revver,” you may select from hundreds of open positions because Rev has such a large customer base. Rev is continuously looking for transcriptionists, close captioners, and subtitle translators.

2. Daily Transcription

  • Average Monthly Income: Not revealed
  • Payment Schedule: Each week via cheque
  • Must be able to type at least 50 words per minute.

Daily Transcription can be a good fit for you if you have some expertise in transcribing or if you can type quickly. Compared to many other services on this list, the transcribing firm pays more for each audio minute.

If you are above the age of eighteen and live in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, or South Africa, you are eligible to apply to work as a freelance transcriptionist. Additionally, you have to be an American English “native” speaker.

3. GoTranscript

  • The Pay Range for GoTranscript is up to $0.60 every audio minute.
  • Monthly Salary on Average: $150
  • Weekly payments are accepted by Payoneer or PayPal.
  • Qualifications: Previous experience is not necessary

You may become a freelance transcriber and get up to 60 cents each audio minute if you pass the GoTranscript entrance exam. GoTranscript works with freelancers from all around the world, and occasionally there are positions available that don’t need English.

You are free to select the projects you wish to work on through the firm. Additionally, you may preview each audio track before accepting a position. This openness enables you to decide if a job is worthwhile.

4. TranscribeMe

  • Monthly Salary on Average: $250
  • Payment Schedule: Weekly using PayPal
  • Qualifications: Previous experience is not necessary

One of the most popular transcribing services is called TranscribeMe. According to the business, its platform is presently being used by more than 2 million transcriptionists. No prior experience is necessary to work as a General Transcriber. However, you must be at least eighteen years old and a citizen or lawful permanent resident of Australia or the United States.

It’s an excellent option for a novice transcriptionist searching for quick tasks to finish during downtime. This is due to the fact that new TranscribeMe freelancers begin with transcribing little audio files. The majority of the projects that General Transcribers may do last about two to four minutes.

5. CastingWords

  • The Pay Range for CastingWords is $0.09 to $1.00 for each audio minute.
  • Average Monthly Income: Not revealed
  • Payment Schedule: Weekly using PayPal
  • Qualifications: Previous experience is not necessary

No prior transcription expertise is necessary to work as a CastingWords transcriber. And if you reside in any of the more than 200 nations where PayPal is accessible, you may register. However, you must be at least eighteen years old.

You might or might not be required to take a test by CastingWords (for reasons it withholds). In any case, you must study and comprehend the company’s style manual.

6. GMR Transcription

  • Pay Scale: Unknown
  • Average Monthly Wages: $1,000–$3,000
  • Payment Options: Direct deposit or PayPal each month
  • No prior experience is necessary; only Americans may apply.

For a transcriptionist with expertise and the ability to meet deadlines, GMR Transcription could be an excellent fit. However, for GMR to consider you, you must reside in the United States. So a digital nomad would not be well served by it.

Before hiring you, the transcribing firm withholds information about your pay rate. However, according to GMR, freelancers make, on average, $1,000 to $3,000 a month, depending on their project and degree of expertise. For more challenging tasks or projects with shorter turnaround times, the firm pays more.

7. Quicktate

  • The pay range for Quicktate is $0.025 to $0.050 per word.
  • Average Monthly Income: Not revealed
  • Payment Schedule: Weekly using PayPal
  • Must possess expertise as a transcriptionist

Instead of paying each audio minute, Quicktate pays per word. For general transcriptions, you will be paid a quarter of a cent per word, and for medical transcriptions, you will be paid half of a cent for each word. How much you may expect to earn as a transcriptionist depends on how quickly and accurately you work.

8. SpeakWrite

  • The pay range for SpeakWrite is $0.005-0.006 per word.
  • Monthly Salary on Average: $450
  • Payment Schedule: Direct Deposit or Check, Biweekly
  • Minimum typing speed of 60 words per minute; one year of relevant experience

Transcriptionists who can compose at least 60 words per minute are needed by SpeakWrite right now (wpm). Additionally, candidates must achieve a 90 percent accuracy rating on a typing test before being considered for the post.

According to the firm, SpeakWrite pays an average of $450 a month, with top earners bringing in an average of $3,400. However, in order to apply, you must have at least a year of transcribing experience. To complete jobs, you also need a transcribing foot pedal.

9. 3Play Media

  • Pay Range for 3Play Media: Variable
  • Average Monthly Income: Not revealed
  • Weekly payments accepted via cheque or direct transfer
  • Qualifications: Previous experience is not necessary

3Play Media can be a decent transcription service for you if you speak Spanish. The business is presently seeking independent Spanish or English transcribers. Keep in mind that before commencing work, all applicants with U.S. addresses must pass a background check.

Depending on the duration and intricacy of the work, different 3Play Media are used. But according to the business, transcriptionists there make, on average, between $10 and $30 per hour.

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